brice Mathey propose to build you a tiny clay house!

Here are the two models now available: the original Love-shack and the bigger one, the Adobio.

The Nice thing with clay work is that everybody can help, that is why you are welcome to help building if you ever want me to build you one of those tiny clay houses.We could make a good team!

Of course Clay work suppose an infinity variety of shapes, that is why we can together imagine your own "home made home"!

The Love-Shack
first prototype of clay house
  The Adobio




"The love shack is a little old place

Where we can get together

Love shack, baby

Love shack, baby,

love shack 

Love shack, baby,

love shack, Love shack, baby, love shack....!"

the B 52's


Love-Shack 3