the Love-Shack

the Original

The first prototype of Love Shack have been created in winter 2014 to shelter lovers from the cold in a warm and cosy little house, immersed in nature, in a round hut made of a very solid clay and straw mix.

The timber is made out of bamboos and wood, and the roof is covered with greenery. The floor is covered with broom and ferns, providing an authentic feeling of being closer to earth, plants could also grow there!

A chimney offers heat and light, creating mysterious shadows on the curved walls. Prehistorical caves reminiscence!


"I want to build such tiny houses, those "Love-Shacks" to every people that would like to try that tremendous experience and offer the opportunitie of a the most simple life in a great comfort.

Our planet needs us to move toward more Love and comprehension, that is all the purpose of our "Love-Shacks"!!"




the Love-Shack

Originally, the Love shack was a small nest separated from world's agitation by clay walls, ideally built in deep nature, to help lovers to love !

I wanted it very simple and small so it won't be expensive to build, easy to hide, and won't need a lot of time to make.

The concept changed to  concern a larger public.

Love shack could be surrounded by a shrubbery to bring lovers, fruits or vegetables at good seasons.

A large and warm bed, a wood stove, thick carpets, some water coming in a vask would be the main furnitures.

Dry toilets and shower would be a complement of comfort, outside the shack.

We want a combination of raw and natural material and the most luxurious elements of decoration like carpets ,silver candlesticks, beautiful wooden doors and windows...

Hurry up to get yours!


We could build it together for more fun!


love-shack : tiny house out of clay
tiny house clay straw